Professional English Text Proofreading, Editing & Translation Services

Let us improve your English writing.


Checking grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Improving word choice. Ensuring clarity and readability. Leaving feedback and suggestions when sentences are unclear.


Sentence revision and restructuring to ensure flow. Making sure tone is consistent and appropriate throughout. Applying a style guide for a particular type of text (e.g. cover letter).


Full translation of German texts into British or American English. The meaning and sense is preserved and texts are proofread for clarity, tone, structure and word choice.

About Us

We are here to help!

At Typesmith we offer professional proofreading, translation and editing services for all sorts of texts – from academic research papers to business reports and websites. Whether you need your admissions essay proofread, your PhD thesis formatted, or your website translated into English for your international customers, our dedicated team of professionally qualified native English-speaking proofreaders have the experience and ability to ensure that your work meets the highest standards. Quality proofreading in Germany by qualified native English speakers is rare – at Typesmith we have you covered.

Why choose us?

We are well-experienced professionals from the UK,
with over ten years’ experience
proofreading and editing English texts.

Speed & Commitment
Native English Speakers
Range of Expertise
Dedicated Team
Fair Prices

What kinds of texts do we work with?

We have experience proofreading and editing all kinds of English texts.

– Proofreading scientific texts (journal articles, essays, term papers) ✓
– Dissertation editing ✓
– Proofreading Master’s thesis ✓
– Proofreading Bachelor’s thesis ✓
– Proofreading books and e-books ✓

– Book editing
– Proofreading advertising (marketing campaigns, SEO) ✓
– Proofreading websites ✓
– Proofreading legal texts ✓
– Transcription (interviews, online meetings, audio, video, subtitles) ✓

– Editing professional texts (CVs, cover letters, job applications, business pitches, presentations, speeches) ✓
– Texts for students (University entrance letters, applications letters, enquiry emails) ✓
– Website translation (we translate German language websites into British or American English) ✓

This list is not exhaustive. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a particular project.

Prices start from just €0,02 per word.

Leave it to the experts

At Typesmith we have the experience to tackle any English language proofreading or editing project. From editing one-page CVs and cover letters to proofreading 300-page academic papers, we make sure that your English does not let you down. In both academic and business environments, perfect English is essential so leave the final touches to the experts.