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If you choose our proofreading services then we will check grammar, punctuation, word choice and sentence structure. We then work to ensure clarity and to improve overall readability. Finally, we leave feedback and offer suggestions when sentences are unclear. Our aim is always to ensure that your texts read as if they were written by a native English speaker. Our expertise lies in academic and professional writing – from Bachelor’s theses to corporate websites and cover letters, we will ensure that your writing is up to standard.


If you require our editing services then we will focus on sentence revision and restructuring to ensure flow and readability. We also make sure that tone is consistent and appropriate throughout. For example, we may apply a style guide for a particular type of text (e.g. cover letter). Finally, we will endeavour to make your writing as natural as possible.


If you require texts to be translated from German into English, then will will provide a full translation into British or American English, depending on your needs. It is well known that translation software does not cut it in a professional setting. With our translation service, the meaning and the sense of the original wording is preserved. We have lots of expertise when it comes to website translation but do not hesitate to contact us with other types of text.

Let us improve your English writing.

Academic Texts

– Bachelor’s theses
– Master’s theses
– Research papers
– Research proposals
– PhD theses
– Entrance letters
– Books

Professional Texts

– Cover letters
– Legal texts
– SEO texts
– Business emails
– Business pitches and proposals
– CVs
– Powerpoint Presentations
– Websites


– Websites
– Blog posts
– Presentations
– Speeches
– CVs

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We track changes so our clients can follow what we have done closely. We also make suggestions in the margins, particularly when it comes to common or repeated errors. If you also require a a ‘clean copy’ then just let us know.

Express Service

Typically, we require 4-5 working days to complete proofreading or editing tasks. For those in a rush, we also offer a 48-hour Express Service and will have your documents completed and sent back to you within two working days.